Create SSO user

After you set up an SSO method on your Gateway, now you can add the SSO user. 


  • Splashtop Gateway v3.24.0 or higher

Add SSO user

1. Follow the instructions to apply for SSO methods.

2. Go to Management tab – Users, click on Import button on the top, then select SSO Users

3. Insert the required information of the SSO user, then click Add.

  • Account: This is the SSO user's login account, it's unique in Gateway.
  • Authentication: Select the SSO method you would like to associate.
  • Enable users: If this item is enabled, users can establish a remote session. Otherwise, the remote session is disabled.
  • Enable web access: If this item is enabled, users can access the web portal. Otherwise, web access will be denied.
  • Group: Users can be grouped into different groups, grouping is efficient in users management/ access permissions.
  • Role: There are two types of roles in the system:
    • Admin: An admin can manage the users, computers, grant access permissions, etc. Admins can have remote sessions too.
    • Member: A member can only have remote sessions with the computers with access permission granted. 
  • SOS Technician: Enable SOS-On Demand support capability.  
  • Add: Add the SSO user to the target group.

Add SSO Groups/SSO Group members

SSO groups/SSO group members cannot be added manually, these items can only be created through SCIM provisioning. 

Note: An SSO group member would inherit the user role and access permission of its parent SSO Group.

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