Streamer UUID Duplication

What is duplicate UUID

When you install or deploy Splashtop streamer on your computer, Splashtop streamer will generate a UUID (unique identifier) for the computer. The way of generating UUID is based on the computer’s GUID (global unique identifier) and its hardware identifier, like MAC address. These hardware characteristics are unique theoretically, which makes UUIDs should never be duplicate between computers. However, the UUID collision still happens in rare conditions, especially when you have virtual machine setup in your environment.



When two of your computers have the same UUID, following problems may happen:

  • Only one of the cloned computers will show up in the computer list.

  • Affected computers will have their streamers logged out consistently and removed from list.
  • When you try to connect to that computer in the computer list, connection may be randomly to any of the cloned computers.

  • If you restart the streamer on one of the cloned computer, it will appear in your computer list and take precedence over all the other clones.

To fix the UUID duplicate issue, please re-generate UUID via URI command on your new clones:
  • For Windows users, please type this command into Terminal:
  • For Mac users, please type this command into Terminal:
    open st-streamer://com.splashtop.streamer?resetuuid=1
  • For Linux users, please type this command into Terminal:
    splashtop-streamer config -resetuuid


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