Show a custom frame when connecting to an Android device

Splashtop On-Prem for Windows supports showing the device's frame or theme when connecting to an Android device, this feature is now available. 

How to create custom theme?

There are a few themes pre-built into the client application, but you can create your own with the Theme Editor utility, which is attached in this support article. 

1. Use ThemeEditor to create a theme for your device and save the created theme as a file


2. Install the Splashtop Business client and import the created theme into the theme folder


3. Launch Splashtop Business and connect to the device



Theme repository

Here are themes we've created for download. 

Brand Model Theme file
CipherLab RS50 Download
  KWSA80K Download
Kyocera E4810 Download
  E4830 Download
SONIM RS60 Download
  RS80 Download
  XP3800 Download
  XP3900 Download
  XP5800 Download
  XP7700 Download
  XP8800 Download
Zebra TC52 Download



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