Splashtop On-Prem for Windows

This article explores the features in Splashtop On-Prem app for Windows. 

Launch Splashtop On-Prem app

Splashtop On-Prem can be launched from the Windows' start menu. 


Log in

In the Log in page, you need to input:

  1. Gateway's IP/FQDN:Port, the IP/FQDN depends on your network configuration, for Port, you need to specify a port if it's not the default 443 port
  2. User name
  3. Password 


If 2FA (aka. MFA) has been enabled, you will be asked to input the 2FA code in next step. 

Notice: If system administrator has not imported a 3rd party authorized SSL certificate, you may see a SSL warning dialog. 

Menu structure



  • Go to Web Console opens the default browser and navigate to Gateway's web portal
  • Options allows user to change the app's settings 
  • Set up Remote Print helps to setup the remote print on local computer
  • <user account> shows the saved logged in user, check mark indicates the current live user account, you can switch between accounts simply
  • Add account to log in with another account and save in the <user account> list
  • Account Information shows detailed information about this logged in user
  • Log out will log out the current user account, and also clear the saved credential
  • Exit to close the app



  • Use Refresh Computer List to get the computer list updated to the latest status
  • Check / Uncheck Show Groups to organize the computers showing with groups or without groups, if Show Groups enabled, further group options can be set, like sorting, expanding/collapsing groups
  • Show compact view narrows the height of every computer entry, so, more computers can be shown on the screen
  • Show device name will show the Streamer device's name in the computer list
  • Show login status shows if an OS user has logged into the system
  • Extra filters and sorting options available in Show computers and Sort computers



Every remote session, file transfer, remote command session, or chat session will show in separated window, the window will be added into the Window menu, allow user to switch among these windows.



Computer list screen


The computer list screen shows the computers that the logged in user can access, use search box to search.

Selecting a computer will show some feature shortcuts and a gear icon on more details about the computer. From left to right, they are remote session, file transfer, chat, remote command, and gear button. If you don't see all of them, it might be turned off by your team admin. 



Computer gear button


Computer gear button shows more detail about the selected computer.

  • You can change the computer name if you have permission to change
  • Change groups and add note to the computer if you have the permission to change
  • Computer info section shows more detailed info about the computer
  • Connection options to change connection resolution
  • Actions provides some extra actions user can do

Toolbar in the session window


When you are in a remote session, on the top of the session window, there is a toolbar, from left to right, there buttons are: 

  • Disconnect the session button
  • Shortcut to switch to next monitor
  • Switch to a specified monitor
  • View options, like window size, frame rate, and remote mouse
  • Full screen
  • Send ctrl-alt-del to remote computer
  • Some remote settings
  • File transfer
  • Session recording
  • Chat bar

File transfer


You can upload and download files from remote computer with the file transfer feature. 

Remote command






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