SOS Connecting with Administrator privilege

By default, Splashtop SOS connects to a computer with privileges of the account that is currently logged in on that computer. In cases where you may need admin privileges, SOS also provides the option to connect as admin with Windows Administrator rights.

How do I connect as admin before starting the session

1. Your user who needs your support will first navigate https://%yourgatewayaddress:port%/sos download page (Provides by technician) to download SOS app.   Run the file and connect to Splashtop server by input Gateway address to generate a 9-digit code.

2. On the computer that you are connecting from, download the On Prem Client app. Open the app and start an SOS session by clicking SOS > Connect to User's Device. (* You will have to have the SOS capilibity enabled by Splashtop Owner or Admin)

3. Enter in the 9-digit code and check the box labeled Connect as admin.

As of v3.3.8.0 and newer, you can now elevate privilege by entering credentials from the Technician OR End User side.


4. Enter the Mac or Windows admin credentials. Note that the username must be the actual ID (, rather than the displayed name (John Doe). Click on More if a domain is needed as well.


5. If the end user is logged in as a non-admin account, they must click Yes on the User Access Control (UAC) prompt.


How to connect as admin during the session

As of v3.3.8.0 and newer, you can now elevate privilege during the remote session.

1. If you are connected to a computer that is logged in as a Standard user, you can click the "Actions" icon in the session toolbar and select "Reconnect as Admin":

2. You may select who can enter the credentials to elevate privilege.



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