Copy and Paste clipboard

Splashtop supports text copy/paste via the clipboard.  Currently, the copy/paste functionality supports up to 256KB of text for the clipboard, as of v3.4.2.0.

Images are not supported for copy/paste across devices.  If you want to transfer an image, best to use the file transfer feature.  How do I transfer files?


How do I disable Copy/Paste for my Splashtop team?

1. Login to Gateway web portal, then click the Management tab, then click the Team Settings button. 

2. Scroll down to the "Splashtop Remote Support Settings" section and disable the "Enable text copy-and-paste" option.


Troubleshooting Copy/Paste issues

1. Please try rebooting either end or both computers.

2. Change the keyboard mapping to see if there is any improvement (follow the link to see How to re-calibrate your keyboard via keyboard mapping).

3. If the issue persists, enable the legacy compatibility mode (making sure to disconnect and reconnect after making the change).

  • Mac: On-Prem app → Preferences → Advanced → Use Legacy Compatible Mode (check box)
  • Windows: On-Prem app  File  Options → Advanced → Use Legacy Compatible Mode (check box)




Starting with version, there is a paste clipboard function that can be used to "paste" into fields that do not accept copy/paste into them, such as the Windows login screen.  This function translates the copied text into keystrokes, supports up to 80 characters. 




Starting with version, we provide bi-directional clipboard-sync options. 






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