View Only Mode

Since Gateway v3.28.2, in-session remote control and remote command control have been added to user granular control so that aim to provide a more centralied control managment channel to meet your specific policy. Disabling the remote control applies the same effect with view only mode when in a session (Requires client app v3.5.8.3 or higher and Streamer version v3.5.8.3 or higher to support this granular control).




Starting with On-Prem App version for Windows, Mac, and iOS you have the ability to make your remote session view only. (Android already supports this feature, as of version

The feature is for use when you need to avoid accidentally interfering with the user working at the computer you're connecting into, as it suspends keyboard, mouse, and stylus input and doesn't allow clipboard transfer between computers.

Note: Supported since Gateway version v3.14.0 or above.


When will it affect my session?

By default, the view only setting is disabled. When view-only is enabled, it will be saved for future remote connections between the specific two computers for which it was enabled, until it's disabled.

The view-only setting will be effective immediately in the current remote session, and will not apply to other active remote sessions, if you have multiple open. This feature will need to be enabled for each session individually.

If two users are connected into the same computer, view only mode will only be enabled for the user who turns it on.

If turned on while connected to a terminal, the view only setting will apply to all terminal sessions (when switched between).


How do I enable?

For Windows and Mac, in the Splashtop toolbar along the top of your remote connection, click the eye icon, then choose "View Only." When enabled, a checkmark will show to the left, and your mouse cursor will turn into an eyeball icon as a reminder that it is not usable.


For iOS, click the left facing carrot by the keyboard icon (at the bottom of the connection screen), then click the menu icon that looks like diamond with three red lines in one corner.


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