When you connect to a computer with Splashtop, you will connect and see the main monitor screen.  To change to view/control a different monitor, click on the switch monitor icon.


Then, you can choose the following:

  • A particular monitor, as the name indicates
  • All monitors (One window), in this mode, remote monitors will be shown in one window on local computer
  • All Monitors (Multi-window), in this mode, each remote monitor will be shown as a separated window on local computer


Note: With the Windows Splashtop On-Prem app, you can drag/resize the window with the "All Monitors (One Window)" option to show 2 monitors on 2 monitors.


Additionally, keyboard shortcuts have been added in the release:

  • Ctl+Alt+# - Switch to a specific monitor #
  • Ctl+Alt+<right arrow> - Rotate to next monitor
  • Ctl+Alt+<left arrow> - Rotate to previous monitor




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