Access Splashtop Gateway Web Portal

Splashtop Gateway web portal is a web-based console to configure and manage Splashtop On-Prem system. It can be accessed from a web-browser, preferably Google Chrome.

Every registered user in Splashtop On-Prem system is granted access to the Gateway web portal, but the menu varies depending on the assigned role of the user.

Menu available for a team/system administrator


Menu available for a group manager is displayed below:


Menu available for a non-admin member user is displayed below:



Access Gateway Web Portal

Gateway web portal can be easily accessed by opening a web browser and entering the address of the Gateway Server.

The format of the address is defined as follow:

https://(IP address of Server):(Port number)

An example of such address:

This address points to a Gateway Server with IP address of and the server uses the default port 443.


Use HTTPS instead of HTTP

You should always use https instead of http here as this is a secured http connection with SSL encryption.


IP Address of Server

This is the IP address of the server machine where Splashtop Gateway is installed. It can be a local IP address if you are connecting from a computer sitting in the same LAN network, or it can be a public IP address if you are connecting via the Internet. If the server machine has multiple network cards, you can use any of the IP addresses to access the Gateway web portal. With this feature, you can safely deploy the Gateway server machine in a DMZ network.


Port Number

By default Splashtop On-Prem makes use of Port number 443, but you can change the port number following instructions in the article below:

How to change network port?



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