Work concurrently with RDP in a remote session

Splashtop On-Prem is now capable of running a remote session concurrently with Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). That would bring a lot of convenience and benefits for collaboration between Splashtop users and RDP users.


In the above diagram, User 1 is using RDP client to connect to the Server Machine via RDP, while User 2 is using Splashtop On-Prem client to connect to the Server Machine via Splashtop. Both users would have view and control over the Server Machine.

When you try to connect to a Streamer from Splashtop On-Prem client, and Splashtop detects there is an RDP session on-going with the Server machine (where Streamer is installed and running), the RDP Session selector icon will appear in the toolbar on top of the On-Prem client.


Two options are available at the selector:

5 - Console

2 - Login info of the RDP user

By default, the selector stays with Console option (Option 5) and the remote Server Machine displays Windows Login page. If you proceed to enter the password, Splashtop will establish a Streamer session to the Server machine, but at the same time will forcibly disconnect the existing RDP session.

If you change the selector to Option 2, On-Prem client skips the login and connects to the remote Server Machine. In fact, the On-Prem client window displays the same content as the RDP client, and both windows will stay synchronized. The reason for this behavior is that the Streamer uses the RDP window as the source of display, instead of the original display of the Server Machine. By this way, the Server Machine can be viewed and controlled simultaneously by two users using two client devices via different protocols.

Working concurrently with RDP is available with Windows and Mac On-Prem Clients. If this feature is not available with your current Client app, maybe you need update the On-Prem Client to a newer version. The latest On-Prem Client apps for Windows and Mac are available to download at:



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