Using the Controls Menu Bar for Android clients

The Control Bar is where advanced in-session controls can be found.  To bring up the Control Bar shown below, please tap on the '<' button android_controlbar.png(located in the lower right corner by default). When it's expanded, it looks like this:



These 6 menu buttons are explained below, in order of their appearance on the menu (from left to right). 


  • Minimize - Minimize remote session
  • Disconnect - Disconnect the remote session


  • Adjust session frame rate
  • Lock Orientation
  • Show all monitors and switch between monitors


  • Change between Touch Mode and Mouse Mode. Touch Mode responds to gestures and taps on the screen, while Mouse Mouse provides an on-screen pointer, left-click, and right-click
  • Show Remote Cursor - Show the remote computer's cursor
  • Arrow Keys - Show on-screen arrow keys
  • Scrollbar - Show an on-screen scrollbar
  • Show Hints - Show Hints for the app controls


  • Lock Toolbar - Lock the control menu bar in place
  • Widgets Layout - Adjust the Arrow key, Scrollbar, and virtual mouse buttons layout on the screen
  • Blank Screen - Request the remote computer to enable blank screen during remote session
  • Lock Keyboard and Mouse - Request the remote computer to lock keyboard and mouse during the remote session
  • Paste Clipboard as Keystrokes - Paste the content in local clipboard to remote computer as key strokes
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del - Send Ctrl-Alt-Del to remote computer, if the remote computer is a Mac system, this item will be 


This button shows other feature entries

  • Whiteboard - If the device is an Android tablet, the whiteboard feature will allow user to annotate on the screen, makes the app to be an interactive whiteboard
  • File Transfer - Start file transfer between the local Android device and remote computer


  • Keyboard - Enables the virtual keyboard
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