Using the Controls Menu Bar for Android clients

The Control Bar is where advanced in-session controls can be found.  To bring up the Control Bar shown below, please tap on the '^' button located in the lower right corner by default.



These 7 buttons are explained below, in order of their appearance on the menu (from left to right). 


  • Opens the "Hints screen" showing the available gestures.

Switch displays (or monitors)

  • Provides switching to (and back) from your secondary monitor if your computer has more than one display/monitor attached.


  • Provides the capability to scroll the screen.

Trackpad mode or Gesture mode

  • Trackpad mode provides gesture-like mouse manipulations with left-click or right-click.  This is good for opening a hidden bar like the Windows Task Bar or Mac Task Bar.

Sharp or Smooth mode

  • Provides two video modes; Sharp (the default) and Smooth video rendering.  Sharp mode gives clearer display quality, whereas Smooth mode gives faster streaming performance but consumes more of the computer's CPU power.

Virtual keyboard

  • Enables the virtual keyboard or bluetooth keyboard (if connected).

 Hide Controls bar

  • Hides the Control Bar.
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