SMTP Server Integration


SMTP Server is a feature that allows you to integrate a Smtp server to Splashtop On-Prem Gateway in the team settings. When SMTP server is successfully configured, devices can be authenticated by email. 


SMTP Server Configuration

  1. Log in as Team owner go to https://{gatewayaddress} -> Management -> Team Settings -> Email to configure the SMTP server. The SMTP server can only be enabled if all required information has been successfully savedmceclip0.png
  2. Click "Add" to embed the Gateway URL in your Email. In the scenario that Gateway server is behind layers of firewall, Splashtop Gateway itself has limited capability to acquire its public address, thus requests origin from user’s Email client would fail to reach Gateway and result in failure of some events. For instance, device authentication is done by clicking the authentication link in the email, which will be handled by your Gateway system. A correct Gateway URL insert is needed in this case to ensure every auth requests can reach the Gateway server. 
  3. Click "Add” for SMTP server and fill in the fields of SMTP server. To ensure that SMTP sever is configured correctly, the SMTP server needs to be verified before saving.
  4. When Gateway URL and SMTP server settings are successfully saved, click the check box to enable SMTP server.   mceclip3.png

Email Logs

  1. Go to https://{gatewayaddress} -> Logs -> Email to check the email log. Team owner/Admin can check the status of emails sent in the email log and detect problems in time.mceclip4.png
  2. In the email log, a separate log is generated for each email sent. Each log consists of time, status, soucre, subject, sender, recevicer and type.


  • If SMTP sever has changed, please modify the settings in Gateway in time. Otherwise it may cause mail sending failure.
  • In the email log, the status only indicates whether the mail was successfully sent to the SMTP server or not. Please fill in the correct email address to get the email.
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